Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keeping Current in the Healthcare Industry

There’s no other profession where it’s more important to keep current on industry standards than in the healthcare industry. There are many benefits to working with a healthcare staffing agency, but one of the greatest perks is being able to take advantage of free continuing education opportunities. Clinical One, for example, offers a wide variety of online courses and workshops that can go a long way in enhancing your career.

Even courses that are not specific to temporary nursing jobs play a vital role in your professional relationships. Learning the “soft skills” (i.e. bedside manner, human resource issues, effective communication, diversity in the workplace, and how to manage your own health on the job) is very important.

Looking for specialized certification? Clinical One offers the kind of courses that can lead to eventual certifications, diplomas, and possible hourly rate increases. The more you know, the more you could earn. So make sure not to overlook the benefit of a free education. No matter how busy you might be, take the time to sign up for continuing education through Clinical One.

For more information on CEUs, visit our website at http://www.clinicalone.com/.


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