Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Filing Tax Returns When Working for a Travel Nursing Agency

When you’re working for a travel nursing agency like Clinical One, you’re not considered self-employed. That’s important information to know when it comes time to file your tax return. Clinical One would be considered your employer, since they’re the ones paying your salary. However, as with anything, there are many gray areas related to what you can claim as expenses, so it’s best to check with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) before venturing to complete your own tax returns.

The IRS has a great website where you can find answers to all of your income tax questions, get state forms to complete, read up on new tax laws, and e-file your tax return. As someone working for a healthcare staffing agency, you may find yourself scratching your head when it comes time to file your tax return. If you’re really uncertain, your employer will be able to offer some guidance and put you in touch with a tax consultant that specializes in the filings of travel healthcare professionals.

Remember, you must report and pay taxes on all of your income. No matter how complicated your income tax return might seem it’s important to get it finished and submitted before the deadline.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Living it Up in Northern California on a Travel Nursing Assignment

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center is a state of the art medical facility that cares for thousands of patients and provides over a half-million outpatient and emergency visits annually. Nestled in beautiful San Jose, California, the 524-bed hospital is a dynamic clinical environment affiliated with Stanford University School of Medicine. Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC) offers a diverse range of nursing disciplines within acute care, intensive care, a regional burn center, level I trauma, a nationally recognized rehabilitation program for head and spinal cord injuries, labor and delivery, pediatrics, psychiatric, custody health, emergency care, and a comprehensive scope of outpatient services.

Santa Clara County is located at the southern end of the San Francisco Bay and stretches over 1,312 square miles. The Mediterranean Climate is warm and dry most of the year due to the area’s geography and proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Santa Clara County has long been considered one of the best places to live and work mostly due to its many natural amenities and its high standard of living.

San Jose is the perfect location for day trips as it is 33 miles to Santa Cruz, 72 miles to Monterey, 47 miles to San Francisco, 60 miles to Carmel, and 82 miles to Napa. The city of San Jose holds a few noteworthy distinctions such as being the 10th largest city in the US, being rated the safest big city in America, as well as, the #1 recycler among the nation’s largest cities. Northern California is home to a number of popular wine regions, art museums, and a plethora of quaint sidewalk cafes, fine dining options, several clothing stores, and jewelry shops. Don’t miss out on this superior hospital and enchanting city!

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H1N1 Precautions: Get Ready for the Upcoming Flu Season and Get Vaccinated!

It is clear that the 2009-2010 flu season is shaping up to be potentially severe and the CDC and World Health Organization has classified the new H1N1 flu as a pandemic. Hospitals are preparing now for potentially large influxes of patients infected with the seasonal and/or H1N1 flu virus. Additionally, there is significant concern that a large percentage of the healthcare workforce will also be infected thereby jeopardizing hospitals capability to meet the needs of the patient population. The CDC has identified healthcare workers as top priority to receive the H1N1 vaccine in order to prevent drastic workforce shortages when the demand for healthcare will be at its highest. The seasonal flu vaccine and the H1N1 (Swine) flu vaccine are separate vaccinations. It is recommended that healthcare workers get vaccinated for both the seasonal flu and H1N1. More information on the 2009 H1N1 (Swine) flu vaccine can be found on the FDA's website.

The absolute necessity to become vaccinated cannot be further demonstrated than by the recent reports from RN Magazine and The Sacramento Bee (a local newpaper) about a 51 year old California Nurse whose contracted case of H1N1 influenza resulted in her death. This otherwise healthy nurse had a prior MRSA infection when she contracted the H1N1 flu. Although not confirmed, it is suspected that both infections were contracted at the hospital where she was employed. As healthcare workers, our responsibility is not only for our own health but also for the health of the patients to whom we provide care. Younger nurses in particular may be more susceptible to H1N1 in comparison to older healthcare workers who may still have some residual immunity from past exposure (possibly from the swine flu outbreak in 1976).

According to the CDC, the groups recommended to receive the 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine include:

Pregnant women because they are at higher risk of complications and can potentially provide protection to infants who cannot be vaccinated.

Household contacts and caregivers for children younger than 6 months of age because younger infants are at higher risk of influenza-related complications and cannot be vaccinated. Vaccination of those in close contact with infants younger than 6 months old might help protect infants by "cocooning" them from the virus.

Healthcare and emergency medical services personnel because infections among healthcare workers have been reported and this can be a potential source of infection for vulnerable patients. Also, increased absenteeism in this population could reduce healthcare system capacity.

All people from 6 months through 24 years of age:

Children from 6 months through 18 years of age because cases of 2009 H1N1 influenza have been seen in children who are in close contact with each other in school and day care settings, which increases the likelihood of disease spread.

Young adults 19 through 24 years of age because many cases of 2009 H1N1 influenza have been seen in these healthy young adults and they often live, work, and study in close proximity, and they are a frequently mobile population.

Persons aged 25 through 64 years who have health conditions associated with higher risk of medical complications from influenza.

Many states are mandating that healthcare employers offer both the seasonal flu vaccine and the H1N1 flu vaccine to their employees, as well as, information about the vaccinations. New York is the first state to MANDATE healthcare workers in outpatient ambulatory clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals to obtain the flu vaccinations. The only exception to that new regulation is for those healthcare workers that have a medical contraindication to the flu vaccine. The dominant flu virus this year is the H1N1 virus. The first shipments of the new H1N1 vaccine were being sent to hospitals on October 7th. To find more resources on the seasonal or H1N1 flu in your state, visit the Government's Flu website. Local flu vaccination provider's can be found by visiting the American Lung Association's website.

The H1N1 flu presents itself with similar symptoms as the regular seasonal flu. Symptoms include fever, chills, headache, upper respiratory tract symptoms (cough, sore throat, rhinorrhea, shortness of breath), myalgias, arthralgias, fatigue, vomiting, or diarrhea. Clinicians should expect complications to be similar to seasonal influenza: exacerbation of underlying chronic medical conditions, upper respiratory tract disease (sinusitis, otitis media, croup) lower respiratory tract disease (pneumonia, bronchiolitis, status asthmaticus), cardiac (myocarditis, pericarditis), musculoskeletal (myositis, rhabdomyolysis), neurologic (acute and post-infectious encephalopathy, encephalitis, febrile seizures, status epilepticus), toxic shock syndrome, and secondary bacterial pneumonia with or without sepsis. More information about clinical management is available on the CDC Website.

As is frequently said, the best offense is a good defense and our defense in this situation is paying strict attention to proper infection control procedures. Like other influenza viruses, H1N1 is spread by coughing and sneezing (airborne droplet). Focusing on the basics of proper hand hygiene and respiratory protection standards is essential in preventing the spread of the flu. In addition, aggressive education about hand washing and proper sneezing and coughing etiquette for patients and families is also a mandatory piece of the infection control plan. It is being recommended to wear an N95 or similar respirator when caring for a patient with suspected flu. Additionally, patients suspected of being infected should be in private respiratory isolation rooms. Be sure to be aware of the facility guidelines/policies with regards to the use of personal protective equipment and respiratory isolation procedures. If you have not already done so, please be sure you have been properly fitted for an N95 respirator. Clinical One can help to make arrangements for respirator fit testing if needed but many times this can be done through the facility's employee health department.

As hospitals are preparing for the upcoming flu season, they are requesting that all temporary contract workers become vaccinated or at the very least acknowledge the risk associated with a potential flu infection and sign a declination form. Due to the overwhelming requests from our clients to ensure our travelers are prepared for the flu season, we are asking everyone to complete a Flu Assessment Form.

Clinical One Volunteers at Local Flu Clinics

It's important that we all do our part during this flu season to keep ourselves and others safe. Flu clinics offer an excellent opportunity for nurses to volunteer their services and give back to the local community. Contact your state's health department to see how you can participate in a flu clinic in your area.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Work with Clinical One

Looking for a travel nursing job? Challenging positions at top hospitals are out there, but if you’re having trouble finding one on your own, consider working with a travel nurse agency like Clinical One. The following are the top 10 reasons why you might want to try and find travel nursing jobs with the help of Clinical One.

1) Free education! All employees who’ve been screened and are ready to start accepting travel nursing jobs and other work assignments are eligible to sign up for free continuing education classes. Classes include a wide variety of topics suitable for all nursing levels.

2) You can refer your friends to Clinical One and get a little extra spending money. Referral bonuses are as high as $250, but the catch is that your friend(s) have to complete at least one nursing assignment first.

3) Clinical One, a Randstad company, has a solid reputation that employers recognize. It’s a lot easier to find those hard to get travel nursing jobs with a nationally recognized recruitment agency like Clinical One standing behind you.

4) Free housing! Clinical One will pay the expenses of a one bedroom furnished apartment in the town or city of your travel assignment. Already have housing? Then Clinical One will provide you with a housing subsidy to help cover your expenses.

5) Health and dental benefits are available with Clinical One from DAY ONE! No 30 day or longer waiting period. You will be fully covered as of the first day of your assignment.

6) Clinical One offers you the unique opportunity to travel. Want to find travel nursing jobs in Boston or Baltimore? Clinical One can help. Interested in taking a position in Hawaii or the Virgin Islands? Clinical One can help with that too.

7) Safety. Clinical One works hard to make sure that you’re placed in a safe working and living environment.

8) International opportunities. Clinical One can help you find permanent work internationally in areas such as Australia and New Zealand.

9) Need to make sure you’ve got the proper state licensure? Clinical One offers personalized assistance to make sure you’ve got your papers in place.

10) Bring friends and/or family on your travel nursing jobs. Clinical One will still cover your expenses, but you’ll have to pay the difference for any other travelers.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Taking Friends and Family Along on Travel Nursing Assignments

No matter how many years you’ve been working as a travel nurse, taking a new travel nursing position can be daunting, especially when it’s in a new city, town, or completely different state. If you’re interested in applying for travel nursing jobs, Clinical One will not only help you with your job search, they’ll also reimburse your travel expenses, find you housing, and provide you with full healthcare insurance from day one!

A one-bedroom furnished apartment is standard for any travel nursing position and you’re more than welcome to bring a friend, spouse, or partner with you for the duration of your nursing assignment. Pets are also welcome in most cases. In fact, you can bring the whole family with you if you want to, you’ll just have to cover the additional cost over and above what it would have cost Clinical One to house you in a one bedroom apartment. Have your own housing already? No worries, Clinical One will pay you a housing subsidy up to the value of a one bedroom apartment in that city.

So, if the thought of complete loneliness is the only thing preventing you from applying for a travel nursing job, don’t give it another thought. Clinical One can get you, and your family, where you need to go to advance your nursing career.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Healthcare Staffing Solutions

Healthcare staffing agencies provide solutions to hospitals most demanding nursing staffing needs. That means more than just placing qualified professionals in your current job openings, it means providing qualified healthcare professionals who can hit the ground running.

Healthcare staffing companies like Clinical One recruit a wide variety of healthcare professionals including registered nurses, nurse managers, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, social workers, rehab therapists, and more. These experienced professionals understand the busy nature of the workplace and the need for quality patient care. These are independent, ambitious, hard-working people who take the time to advance their continuing education while taking advantage of the benefits that a healthcare staffing firm can offer.

Healthcare staffing companies contribute to your healthcare staffing solutions by taking away the headaches caused by the hiring process. With a healthcare staffing firm like Clinical One, you stay in full control of who you hire but remain almost entirely hands-off. No more dealing with payroll headaches, overtime calculations, shift differentials, etcetera. Utilizing the resources of a reputable healthcare staffing service makes fiscal and administrative sense.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keeping Current in the Healthcare Industry

There’s no other profession where it’s more important to keep current on industry standards than in the healthcare industry. There are many benefits to working with a healthcare staffing agency, but one of the greatest perks is being able to take advantage of free continuing education opportunities. Clinical One, for example, offers a wide variety of online courses and workshops that can go a long way in enhancing your career.

Even courses that are not specific to temporary nursing jobs play a vital role in your professional relationships. Learning the “soft skills” (i.e. bedside manner, human resource issues, effective communication, diversity in the workplace, and how to manage your own health on the job) is very important.

Looking for specialized certification? Clinical One offers the kind of courses that can lead to eventual certifications, diplomas, and possible hourly rate increases. The more you know, the more you could earn. So make sure not to overlook the benefit of a free education. No matter how busy you might be, take the time to sign up for continuing education through Clinical One.

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Our Nation's Capital: Come Experience Winter in Washington, DC

It's always easy to pack your days off with fun, free things to do in Washington, DC and the winter months are no different. DC is full of fun during the winter months, offering bright lights, cool nights, prize-winning plays, and plenty of history for everyone to enjoy. Winter in Washington means joining in holiday traditions like shopping in Georgetown, ice skating in the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, and admiring the National Christmas Tree on the White House lawn. Be sure to visit Union Station, the National Gallery of Art, and the US Botanic Gardens dressed in holiday style, sprinkled with snow, and packed with festive seasonal performances. And the world-famous memorials are a moving experience any time of year, especially when you can pay tribute to fallen war veterans and America's founding fathers during the holiday season. Find inspiration in DC's beautiful churches, cathedrals, and other religious sites where seasonal concerts, exhibitions, and holiday events await. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, New Year's Eve to Valentine's Day, there are literally a hundred reasons to celebrate in DC.

Housing Accommodations in the Washington, DC Area

Not only does the Nation's Capital offer great tourist attractions, there is also fantastic housing options with outstanding amenities. Travelers are typically housed in DC's surrounding cities (Alexandria, VA, Falls Church, VA, etc.) offering private housing in a secure quiet setting and just a short commute to DC. We always do our best to find housing with public transportation nearby and conveniently located to local shopping areas. As always, our housing coordinators are available to answer any questions and to check availability for your upcoming assignment. Please feel free to call our housing team with any questions you may have at 800-919-9100.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Over 200 Case Management/HEDIS Jobs Coming Soon!

As the #1 vendor for some of the nation's largest insurance providers, Clinical One has access to hundreds of HEDIS jobs every year. It's that time of year again when we are gearing up for the annual HEDIS project (an annual study used to measure performance of managed care organizations) and preparing for over 200 HEDIS jobs that will become available in early November.

Clinical One is looking for RN and LPN HEDIS Auditors to work temporary assignments across the US. Candidates must have previous HEDIS, auditing (5+ years), utilization review, concurrent review, data abstraction, or claims review experience in order to qualify. Candidates must also be able to travel within a 150 radius of the assigned territory and must have reliable transportation. In addition to the high hourly rate, candidates will also receive health insurance, travel reimbursement (mileage, tolls, parking, etc), and administrative cost reimbursement paid by Clinical One.

If you are interested in learning more about HEDIS jobs, please call your Recruitment Specialist today at 800-919-9100. Positions will fill quickly so get signed up today!

The Job of a Case Manager

Not everyone knows what people in a case manager job do, but they might be surprised to discover the full extent of the position. A case management supervisor, for example, could be responsible for managing a number of nursing positions, overseeing and approving discharge recommendations, advocating for patients, overseeing quality management issues, and a number of other duties ranging from clinical to administrative in nature.

Case management employment is particularly suited to people with a great deal of nursing experience, and the desire to work as an advocate for patient wellness. Patient wellness is much more than just healing a particular ailment or illness. It’s about reducing or even eliminating the stress of trying to navigate a complicated healthcare system, accessing current and medically sound treatment information, and securing financing or insurance options to help pay for medical treatment. A case manager’s job is like the social worker of the medical industry. The person who takes a case manager job is someone interested in working within the full spectrum of patient-care, including communication and education. Oftentimes, the scope of practice involved in case manager employment involves not only the patient, but the patient’s family, other medical personnel, community liaisons, and educators.

To help prepare you for case management employment, it’s best to have a sound understanding of the wide variety of obstacles and needs most patients have, as well as an understanding of how to make connections for people in order to facilitate healing.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Continue Your Education While Finding PICU Jobs

It takes a certain personality to handle pediatric critical care jobs. Working with critically ill children can take a toll on your emotional health, especially when the prognosis and final outcome is not good. PICU jobs require highly skilled, specialized nursing staff who can work under pressure. Any critical care position involves a high degree of stress, but working with children also involves working directly with worried parents and/or caregivers.

In order to qualify for many PICU jobs, it helps to have specialized training. As a travel professional seeking PICU jobs, Clinical One can help get you where you want to go. Clinical One offers hundreds of free continuing education courses and workshops (mostly available online). Some courses and workshops are geared more toward PICU jobs than others, but there’s a course out there no matter what your educational needs are.

The bottom line is that Clinical One will be there to support all of your endeavors as you seek to further your pediatric critical care nursing career.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Travel Nursing and Healthcare Jobs: Top 3 Interview Skills

When interviewing for a healthcare position, you’ll need to play up strengths that are unique to the healthcare industry. For example, if you’re applying for an ER nurse position, you’ll need to demonstrate your ability to handle emergency situations and balance a large workload. Here are three interview skills to master before starting to interview.

Emphasize your skills as a team player. As a healthcare professional, you’ll be working as a team to achieve the highest level of patient care. When interviewing, make sure to call out examples of your ability to operate seamlessly in a team environment.

Getting along with other employees and personality types. An employer may be interested to know how you handle working on a team with staff members that have personality styles that may conflict with yours. When answering this question, it’s important to give concrete examples. Emphasize your ability to offer solutions instead of propelling the problem.

Dealing with being short-staffed. Employers in the healthcare industry are often short staffed. When interviewing, make sure to emphasize situations when you effectively dealt with a large workload on a small team.

If you’re working with a healthcare staffing or nurse staffing firm such as Clinical One, make sure to discuss the employer’s needs before attending the interview. This will allow you to tailor your responses to interview questions – boosting the chances of landing the job.

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Travel Nursing: Tips for Landing a Job

A career in the travel healthcare setting gives professionals an opportunity to travel across the country. But competition for these positions is often high – making it important to be creative in marketing yourself.

Partner with a healthcare staffing firm. Companies like Clinical One specialize in placing travel healthcare professionals. This will allow you access to positions that aren’t available on mainstream job boards. Update your resume and application on and be sure to complete a skills checklist for each of your areas of expertise. Include your most recent work experience and all educational history.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"No Pain, No Gain” Rings False for Nurses

"No Pain, No Gain? Rings False for Nurses

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The Benefits of Short-Term CVICU Travel Nursing Jobs

Cardiovascular intensive care unit jobs are demanding and require a high level of skill. A CVICU nurse must be familiar with a wide range of cardiovascular treatment modalities and must be able to monitor patients continually for complications. Of course, there are a number of important skills and responsibilities that fall somewhere in between this spectrum, and the CVICU nurse must be able to handle them all.

A CVICU nurse works in tandem with a wide variety of healthcare professionals including open-heart surgeons, nurse practitioners, other nurse colleagues, family physicians, etc. Having a good bed-side manner is imperative to the quality of care given. There’s not only the patient to think about, but the worried family who will have lots of questions and concerns.

Working cardiovascular intensive care unit jobs can take a huge emotional toll, which is why shorter travel assignments are ideal. When you work with Clinical One, it’s not implausible to accept assignments as short as 8-weeks and then move onto a different unit once the assignment is complete.

The experience gained from working in other departments and specialties can only enhance your nursing career. Every new nursing assignment you take puts you in contact with people who can teach you something. The skills learned and the mentoring you receive will help further your nursing career.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why Work for a Travel Nursing Agency

If you’re not having any trouble finding permanent nursing jobs, you might wonder why you should bother with a healthcare staffing agency like Clinical One. After all, they only place people in short-term nursing assignments, right? Well, yes and no. Clinical One does offer placement in permanent positions as well as travel, per diem, and contract assignments. Even if you’re already working somewhere on a full-time basis, there are still good reasons for making the shift to a healthcare staffing agency including the following:

1) To gain new life experiences.

2) To move closer to a long-lost family member or close friend.

3) To move away from family in order to gain more independence and freedom.

4) To take advantage of the free continuing education that healthcare staffing agencies like Clinical One offer.

5) To develop new skills and expertise.

6) To network and add important references to your resume.

7) To give yourself a professional boost by making a change.

Remember, even if you’re already working in permanent nursing positions, Clinical One can help you find continuous work where you can jump from assignment to assignment. You’ll earn great money, awesome benefits, and reap the rewards of new professional challenges.

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Finding the Right Travel Nurse Recruitment Firm

Most travel nurses figure out that partnering with a staffing firm can help them land a position sooner. But, finding the right firm won’t just help you find an assignment, it will help you find assignments that fit your career goals. Read on to learn three tips for finding the right staffing firm.

Discuss your goals with the recruiter. Discussing your personal goals and career ambitions with a travel nursing recruiter can often give you a feel for the firm. Companies that specialize in travel nursing employment, like Clinical One, are often more sensitive to issues unique to this occupation.

Ask for references. Since travel nurses come back to staffing firms after their assignment ends, current candidates can be an excellent resource when checking out a firm.

Discuss “worst case scenarios” with the staffing firm. For example, what if you need to leave your assignment early for an emergency, or what if you find another opportunity during your assignment? Ask the agency how they respond to these situations to determine if they’re a good fit for you.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Clinical One’s Top 5 Spookiest Travel Destinations

With Halloween fast approaching, Clinical One has compiled our Top 5 list of Spooky Travel Destinations. In addition to the ghosts, goblins, and evil spirits, you can also find high paying and rewarding travel assignments in each of these locations. Local Per Diem assignments are also available in Salem and Fall River, Massachusetts.

#5: The Winchester Mansion, San Jose CA

Not only is this located in one of the countries prettiest cities, it is also considered one of America’s strangest and most haunted houses. While all accounts of haunting and weird experiences in the house are your usual run-of-the-mill cold spots, unexplained noises, and various psychics with all kinds of reports; the architecture of the mansion and the history of its former owner make this site much more intriguing then your average haunted house. . William Winchester was heir to the Winchester Rifle Empire which was worth a reported $20 million in 1881. Upon the death of William along with their baby daughter, his distraught yet wealthy wife, Sarah, took the advice of a psychic medium who told her that her bad luck was the result of the spirits of those killed by the Winchester rifles. The psychic told Sarah that she must head west to build a house to escape the spirits of those who were killed during the Civil War. She landed in San Jose and started to build a house that eventually had 160 rooms, staircases leading to nowhere (Sarah believed this would confuse the evil spirits), seven towers, and hundreds of fireplaces. When Sarah passed away in 1922, it reportedly took workmen 6 weeks to get the furniture out of the “labyrinth.” Since then, the house was declared a California Historical Landmark by the National Park Service and is a major tourist attraction. Is this place really “America’s Largest Haunted House?” Go and see for yourself, if you’re brave enough!

#4: The Hawthorne Hotel, Salem, MA

As the home of the most infamous and darkest times in Massachusetts history, Salem, consistently ranks on the top of the list of most haunted places in America. Besides having one of the largest Halloween celebrations in the world, it is said that the ghosts of the men and women who were prosecuted for being witches during the “Salem Witch Trials” of the 1800’s, roam the streets of Salem during the night’s darkest hours all year round. The first person executed was, Bridget Bishop, who owned an apple orchard where the Hawthorne Hotel now stands. Visitors report the scent of apples throughout the hotel even though apples are rarely on the menu. The Hawthorne Hotel is also said to be haunted by many sea captains of this coastal community that used the area as a gathering place before the hotel was constructed. Guests claim hearing strange noises and occurrences including a houseman who reported that his room was inexplicably rearranged. He was so spooked by this that he now refuses to work nights. Known world wide, Salem, Massachusetts is truly the kind of place you have to experience for yourself!

#3: The Lemp Mansion, Saint Louis, MO

Oddly enough, this sad and morbid story all starts with beer. The Lemp’s Western Brewing Company was the country’s only regional brewing company with a national customer base during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. With the fortunes from all the sales of beer, William Lemp, the owner of the brewery, built a beautiful Italian Renaissance style mansion. Despite his massive fortune, in 1904, after the loss of his first born son and his best friend, William shot himself in his bedroom. His son and heir of the brewing company, William Jr. ran the business into the ground with his extravagant lifestyle. Prohibition then made a bad situation worse which finally brought the end of the St. Louis institution, forcing William Jr.. to sell what he could of the brewery. More tragedy struck the Lemp family with three more suicides in the mansion. After the suicide of William Lemp Jr., the property was finally sold and renovated into a restaurant that still stands today. The establishment is now well-known and liked by residents and visitors not only for the delicious food and comfy lodging but also for all the reports of spooky happenings. Employees and customers have reported various happenings such as glasses flying off the bar, doors locking and unlocking themselves, the piano playing by itself, and various unexplained sounds and sightings. Some less brave employees have left the restaurant never to return. This may be why the Lemp Mansion was ranked in the top ten “Scariest Places in America” according to Life magazine.

#2: The Gettysburg Battlefield, Gettysburg, PA

The Civil War was not only one of the most defining times in American history but it is also the source of many American ghost stories. “The Battle of Gettysburg” was considered a turning point of the Civil War, since more soldiers died in this battle (some historians estimate that nearly 28,000 men lost their lives) than in any other battle of the war and resulted in Confederate General Lee to end his invasion of the North. The battlefield and surrounding areas where so many men lost their lives is now considered one of the most haunted places in the world. It’s said that every Gettysburg resident has had some kind of paranormal experience including sighting of soldiers walking up and down the halls of Gettysburg College. Many accounts from residents, visitors, and paranormal experts alike have included reports of apparitions and cries of soldiers that can be heard on the fields, especially in a section called the Devil’s Den and the Valley of Death. Electronic equipment has inexplicably failed to work on the fields as well. The spirit of Jenny Wade, a civilian killed in her home by a stray bullet while baking bread, is said to still reside in her home where visitors have reported smelling fresh baked bread. Come here to experience history and possibly have a paranormal experience of your own!

#1: The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, Fall River, MA

Fall River, Massachusetts is well-known by Massachusetts residents for its large Portuguese community and a place to get some fabulous sweet bread! A little less known fact about Fall River is that it is the scene of the true-life children’s rhyme “Lizzie Borden took an axe, gave her mother forty whacks. When she’d seen what she had done, gave her father forty-one.” Although she was ultimately acquitted of the heinous murders of her very wealthy father and step-mother, Lizzie Borden, has gone down in history as the first woman in America to get away with murder and be convicted by the media as a murderer. The Borden home where the axe-murders took place, was renovated and replicated to look exactly as it did when Lizzie, her father, and step-mother resided in it. Guests are able to sleep in the bed where Lizzie’s step-mother was killed and sit on the couch where her father was found. The breakfast served is the same the family ate the morning of the murders. A well-known psychic claims to have made contact with Lizzie’s sister, Emma and children who were drowned in the house next door by their mentally disturbed mother before the Borden murders took place. The case is still a major piece of American folklore in which plays, books, and movies are based. A stay at the Bed and Breakfast provides a comfy place to stay along with séances with the house “psychic” and possibly a visit from Lizzie herself! Small wonder the Travel Channel named the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast “The Number One Scariest Place in the WORLD.” Come experience it for yourself, if you dare!

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Healthcare Jobs: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you just graduated from college or have several years of experience, it helps to have a few tips before applying for jobs. Complete an online application for a healthcare staffing company like Clinical One. Be sure to include all educational history and previous work experience, and then self evaluate your skills by completely a skills checklist for every specialty area where you have worked. If you have letters of recommendation from previous employers, be sure to email those to your recruitment specialist once one has been assigned.

Once it’s time for the interview, focus on those skills that are most applicable to the position you are applying for. Answer questions by giving real life examples of situations you’ve encountered on previous positions and how you were able to successfully work through them. And don’t forget to ask your own questions as this shows an interest in the facility and the position that you are interviewing for, and gives you an opportunity to paint a better picture of what the assignment would entail. And don’t forget…never talk negatively about a previous employer. Most candidates know it's poor etiquette to talk negatively about previous employers – but how should you handle the situation? Make sure you put a positive spin on your response. For example, your previous manager had a different type of management style; however, it helped you grow as a professional and learn to work with different personality styles.

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Travel Nursing: Tips for Getting an Interview

Although nursing is one of the fastest growing occupations in the nation, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to get an interview. Applicants will still need to make sure their resume and online application stands out so they can land a job.

Tailor your resumes to the medical specialty. For example, if the position will be in a pediatric or oncology unit, rewrite your resume to include skills specific to this area. This will avoid getting your resume dumped into the “unqualified” pile because your skills aren’t a good match.

Create a highlights section. When a travel nurse recruiter reviews a resume, they often make decisions in this section. For this reason, it’s important to include your most impressive accomplishments in the first couple of paragraphs. This will entice the recruiter to read further.

Partner with a staffing agency. Companies like Clinical One specialize in placing travel nurses. They can help match you with employers and ensure your resume is up to par. Update your resume and application on Clinical One's job board and be sure to complete a skills checklist for each of your areas of expertise. Include your most recent work experience and all educational history.

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Analysis: Cost of living on travel nurse assignments - Cost consciousness - Travel Nursing

Analysis: Cost of living on travel nurse assignments - Cost consciousness - Travel Nursing: "Analysis: Cost of living on travel nurse assignments"

How to make your first travel nursing assignment a success - Taking the first step - Travel Nursing

How to make your first travel nursing assignment a success - Taking the first step - Travel Nursing: "How to make your first travel nursing assignment a success"

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Travel Nursing: Creating a Better Resume

When your resume and job application are in front of a hiring manager, you may only have seconds to make an impression. This short amount of time will determine if you’re invited to an interview or put in the “do not call” pile. For this reason, it’s important to make a good first impression.

Before contacting a healthcare staffing agency, make sure to update your resume. Include all professional certifications and put your most impressive accomplishments in the first ¼ of the resume. Often a recruiter will decide within seconds if you’re a good fit for a potential employer.

Partner with a staffing firm that specializes in healthcare placements. Choosing a company that specializes in healthcare jobs will make it easier to find potential employers. Companies like Clinical One already have relationships established with healthcare facilities allowing you access to jobs that might not be available on mainstream job boards. Visit to complete the application, upload your resume, and search open jobs.

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Travel Nurse Jobs: Negotiating Housing Benefits

Travel nurses earn a generous wage, typically between $25-$28 an hour. However, you may be able to negotiate some additional perks. Imagine paying little or no rent, no utilities, and having assistance finding housing close to work. Some staffing agencies will negotiate these items for you so that all you have to do is show up in your new city of employment.

The first step in negotiating housing benefits is to partner with a staffing firm. If you’re looking for housing benefits, they can help you book your housing, arrange for furniture, pay for utilities, and more. Also, a staffing firm who specializes in travel nursing employment often has access to jobs that aren’t available on traditional job boards.

And if you already have housing arranged, the agency will offer you a housing subsidy instead of the free housing. Some companies even offer bonuses for completing your assignment or referring another travel nurse. Taking advantage of these perks will help maximize your earning potential.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tips for Finding a Travel Nurse Recruiter

For nurses that want excitement and adventure, a career in travel nursing can be a great choice. When finding these positions, it’s important to create relationships with travel nurse recruiters. This allows you access to companies that are hiring these professionals – helping you find employment sooner.

Before contacting a travel nurse recruiter, make sure to update your resume. Include all professional certifications and put your most impressive accomplishments in the first ¼ of the resume. Often a recruiter will decide within seconds if you’re a good fit for a potential employer.

Partner with a staffing firm that specializes in travel nursing. Choosing a company that specializes in travel nurse jobs will make it easier to find potential employers. Clinical One already has relationships established with companies, allowing you access to jobs that might not be available on mainstream job boards. Visit to complete the application, upload your resume, and search open jobs.

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Interview Tips for a Travel Nursing Position

Interviewing for travel nurse employment can be stressful. However, if you have some insight into what the employer is looking for, it will help you prepare for the big day.

Highlight your experience working in understaffed departments. Many medical institutions that hire travel nurses are spread thin and need nurses that can adapt. Discussing these skills in your interview will boost the chances of getting hired.

Give examples when answering questions. Travel nursing candidates that give examples of their skills often make a better impression. So, instead of giving a general answer, think of a specific event that required you to utilize that skill.

Don’t just answer questions, also ask questions. Asking questions during the phone interview demonstrates to the Manager that you have a definite interest in the position. It is also the best way to find out if the job is right for you. If you are unclear on specific questions to ask, consult your healthcare recruitment specialist. He/she can help you make a list of pertinent questions for you to ask during your telephone interview.

Partner with a staffing firm. Companies like Clinical One already have relationships established with companies looking to fill travel nurse jobs. They can give you tips on what the employer is seeking in a candidate.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Case Management Nurses Needed - 200 Jobs Coming Soon!

Clinical One is looking for RN and LPN HEDIS Auditors to work temporary assignments across the US for an annual HEDIS project (an annual study used to measure performance of managed care organizations).
HEDIS Job Details:

• Candidates must have previous HEDIS, auditing (5+ years), utilization review, concurrent review, data abstraction or claims review experience in order to qualify.

• Candidates must be able to travel within a 150 radius of the assigned territory, and must have reliable transportation.

• In addition to the high hourly rate, candidates will also receive health insurance, travel reimbursement (mileage, tolls, parking, etc), and administrative cost reimbursement paid by Clinical One.

• The annual project typically runs January through May, with start/end dates varying based on location.

• 95% of our nurses will be asked to re-book next year for the annual HEDIS project.

• Positions are available across the US so whether you are looking for something close to home or in an exciting new location, we have just the position for you.

• Flexible scheduling is available. Candidates can work 20-40 hours a week, Monday-Friday, between the hours of 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Call Clinical One today for all the details, at 800-919-9100.

Travel Nursing Career: Tips for Understanding Multi-State Licensure

A common question that aspiring nurses have is, “How does licensure work?” While some states grant temporary licenses, others belong to a Nurse Licensure Compact, which means your licensure is good in all of the compact states. There are currently 17 states that belong to this group, and new states are being added all the time (a complete list can be found at

If the position you’re interested in doesn’t belong to the Nurse Licensure Compact, don’t worry. If you visit the state’s board of nursing, they will have the information you need to get your nursing license processed. Worse case scenario, you may have to wait eight weeks to get a temporary license.

When working with a recruiter, make sure to discuss the states you would accept travel nurse jobs. This will allow you to get the necessary paperwork started, so once you find a position, you’re ready to start.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Tips for Writing a Travel Nurse Resume

When writing a travel nurse resume, it’s important to catch the recruiter’s attention right away. This will boost your chances of landing travel nurse employment.

Tailor your resumes to the medical specialty. For example, if the position will be in a pediatric or oncology unit, rewrite your resume to include skills specific to this area. This will avoid getting your resume dumped into the “unqualified” pile because your skills aren’t a good match.

Create a highlights section. When a travel nurse recruiter reviews a resume, they often make decisions in this section. For this reason, it’s important to include your most impressive accomplishments in the first couple paragraphs. This will entice the recruiter to read further.

Partner with a staffing agency. Clinical One specializes in placing travel nurses. They can help match you with employers and ensure your resume is up to par.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Travel Nurse Employment: Tips for Getting Started

Finding your dream travel nursing job is the first step in launching an exciting career. However, once you find the position, it’s important to have the documents needed to secure the position. Here are a few tips for figuring out which items to gather beforehand so that you can quickly get your resume to the hiring manager.

Organize and photocopy application materials. Besides your resume, there are several documents you’ll need to submit when applying for a travel nursing job. Documents that are routinely requested include your nursing license, certifications, 2-3 letters of recommendation and immunization records.

Also, don’t forget to partner with a staffing firm who specializes in placing travel nurses. Once you have gathered the required documents, contact a staffing firm who specializes in placing travel nurses, like Clinical One. After discussing your skills and goals with a recruiter, they can help you get access to jobs that aren’t available on mainstream job boards.

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Setting Goals for a Travel Nursing Career

Before finding travel nursing assignments, it’s important to determine your career goals. This will help you decide which positions are a good fit, and ultimately make you happier in your career. Read on to learn tips for discovering your travel nursing goals.

While some nurses can pick up and leave within days, others need to tie up loose ends. Determine when you could realistically start an assignment, a week, a month, or longer? This will help you narrow your job search.
You’ll also want to determine if there are locations that are highly desirable, and areas you aren’t willing to go. Having this information ahead of time will help your recruiter place you in the right position.

And finally, make sure to partner with a staffing firm that specializes in travel nurse employment, like Clinical One. Once you’ve determined your nursing goals, they can help place you in an assignment that’s a perfect fit.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Choosing the Right Travel Nurse Assignment

Travel nursing assignments allow for travel across the country, from sunny California to the slippery slopes of Colorado. But before accepting your first assignment, it helps to have a few tips.

Visit the area if possible. When offered an assignment, visit the medical facility and the neighborhood before accepting the offer. While this might not be practical if the assignment is across the country, checking out a neighboring state assignment is well worth the time. This will allow you to determine if the geographic location is a good fit for you.

If you’re accepting your first travel nurse job, try out a shorter contract. For new nurses, a contract up to 6 months can be a good place to start. This will allow you to determine if this career is the right fit for your lifestyle.

Don’t forget to ask about additional benefits. Travel nursing positions offer a variety of benefits: relocation assistance, 401k plans, housing stipends and medical benefits. Before accepting a job, partner with recruiters to ensure you’ve secured the maximum compensation possible.

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