Thursday, October 8, 2009

Travel Nurse Jobs: Negotiating Housing Benefits

Travel nurses earn a generous wage, typically between $25-$28 an hour. However, you may be able to negotiate some additional perks. Imagine paying little or no rent, no utilities, and having assistance finding housing close to work. Some staffing agencies will negotiate these items for you so that all you have to do is show up in your new city of employment.

The first step in negotiating housing benefits is to partner with a staffing firm. If you’re looking for housing benefits, they can help you book your housing, arrange for furniture, pay for utilities, and more. Also, a staffing firm who specializes in travel nursing employment often has access to jobs that aren’t available on traditional job boards.

And if you already have housing arranged, the agency will offer you a housing subsidy instead of the free housing. Some companies even offer bonuses for completing your assignment or referring another travel nurse. Taking advantage of these perks will help maximize your earning potential.

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