Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Travel Nursing Career: Tips for Understanding Multi-State Licensure

A common question that aspiring nurses have is, “How does licensure work?” While some states grant temporary licenses, others belong to a Nurse Licensure Compact, which means your licensure is good in all of the compact states. There are currently 17 states that belong to this group, and new states are being added all the time (a complete list can be found at www.ncsbn.org/158.htm).

If the position you’re interested in doesn’t belong to the Nurse Licensure Compact, don’t worry. If you visit the state’s board of nursing, they will have the information you need to get your nursing license processed. Worse case scenario, you may have to wait eight weeks to get a temporary license.

When working with a recruiter, make sure to discuss the states you would accept travel nurse jobs. This will allow you to get the necessary paperwork started, so once you find a position, you’re ready to start.

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