Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tips for Finding a Travel Nurse Recruiter

For nurses that want excitement and adventure, a career in travel nursing can be a great choice. When finding these positions, it’s important to create relationships with travel nurse recruiters. This allows you access to companies that are hiring these professionals – helping you find employment sooner.

Before contacting a travel nurse recruiter, make sure to update your resume. Include all professional certifications and put your most impressive accomplishments in the first ¼ of the resume. Often a recruiter will decide within seconds if you’re a good fit for a potential employer.

Partner with a staffing firm that specializes in travel nursing. Choosing a company that specializes in travel nurse jobs will make it easier to find potential employers. Clinical One already has relationships established with companies, allowing you access to jobs that might not be available on mainstream job boards. Visit to complete the application, upload your resume, and search open jobs.

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