Friday, October 9, 2009

Healthcare Jobs: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you just graduated from college or have several years of experience, it helps to have a few tips before applying for jobs. Complete an online application for a healthcare staffing company like Clinical One. Be sure to include all educational history and previous work experience, and then self evaluate your skills by completely a skills checklist for every specialty area where you have worked. If you have letters of recommendation from previous employers, be sure to email those to your recruitment specialist once one has been assigned.

Once it’s time for the interview, focus on those skills that are most applicable to the position you are applying for. Answer questions by giving real life examples of situations you’ve encountered on previous positions and how you were able to successfully work through them. And don’t forget to ask your own questions as this shows an interest in the facility and the position that you are interviewing for, and gives you an opportunity to paint a better picture of what the assignment would entail. And don’t forget…never talk negatively about a previous employer. Most candidates know it's poor etiquette to talk negatively about previous employers – but how should you handle the situation? Make sure you put a positive spin on your response. For example, your previous manager had a different type of management style; however, it helped you grow as a professional and learn to work with different personality styles.

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