Friday, October 2, 2009

Travel Nurse Employment: Tips for Getting Started

Finding your dream travel nursing job is the first step in launching an exciting career. However, once you find the position, it’s important to have the documents needed to secure the position. Here are a few tips for figuring out which items to gather beforehand so that you can quickly get your resume to the hiring manager.

Organize and photocopy application materials. Besides your resume, there are several documents you’ll need to submit when applying for a travel nursing job. Documents that are routinely requested include your nursing license, certifications, 2-3 letters of recommendation and immunization records.

Also, don’t forget to partner with a staffing firm who specializes in placing travel nurses. Once you have gathered the required documents, contact a staffing firm who specializes in placing travel nurses, like Clinical One. After discussing your skills and goals with a recruiter, they can help you get access to jobs that aren’t available on mainstream job boards.

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