Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Interview Tips for a Travel Nursing Position

Interviewing for travel nurse employment can be stressful. However, if you have some insight into what the employer is looking for, it will help you prepare for the big day.

Highlight your experience working in understaffed departments. Many medical institutions that hire travel nurses are spread thin and need nurses that can adapt. Discussing these skills in your interview will boost the chances of getting hired.

Give examples when answering questions. Travel nursing candidates that give examples of their skills often make a better impression. So, instead of giving a general answer, think of a specific event that required you to utilize that skill.

Don’t just answer questions, also ask questions. Asking questions during the phone interview demonstrates to the Manager that you have a definite interest in the position. It is also the best way to find out if the job is right for you. If you are unclear on specific questions to ask, consult your healthcare recruitment specialist. He/she can help you make a list of pertinent questions for you to ask during your telephone interview.

Partner with a staffing firm. Companies like Clinical One already have relationships established with companies looking to fill travel nurse jobs. They can give you tips on what the employer is seeking in a candidate.

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