Monday, October 19, 2009

The Job of a Case Manager

Not everyone knows what people in a case manager job do, but they might be surprised to discover the full extent of the position. A case management supervisor, for example, could be responsible for managing a number of nursing positions, overseeing and approving discharge recommendations, advocating for patients, overseeing quality management issues, and a number of other duties ranging from clinical to administrative in nature.

Case management employment is particularly suited to people with a great deal of nursing experience, and the desire to work as an advocate for patient wellness. Patient wellness is much more than just healing a particular ailment or illness. It’s about reducing or even eliminating the stress of trying to navigate a complicated healthcare system, accessing current and medically sound treatment information, and securing financing or insurance options to help pay for medical treatment. A case manager’s job is like the social worker of the medical industry. The person who takes a case manager job is someone interested in working within the full spectrum of patient-care, including communication and education. Oftentimes, the scope of practice involved in case manager employment involves not only the patient, but the patient’s family, other medical personnel, community liaisons, and educators.

To help prepare you for case management employment, it’s best to have a sound understanding of the wide variety of obstacles and needs most patients have, as well as an understanding of how to make connections for people in order to facilitate healing.

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