Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Benefits of Short-Term CVICU Travel Nursing Jobs

Cardiovascular intensive care unit jobs are demanding and require a high level of skill. A CVICU nurse must be familiar with a wide range of cardiovascular treatment modalities and must be able to monitor patients continually for complications. Of course, there are a number of important skills and responsibilities that fall somewhere in between this spectrum, and the CVICU nurse must be able to handle them all.

A CVICU nurse works in tandem with a wide variety of healthcare professionals including open-heart surgeons, nurse practitioners, other nurse colleagues, family physicians, etc. Having a good bed-side manner is imperative to the quality of care given. There’s not only the patient to think about, but the worried family who will have lots of questions and concerns.

Working cardiovascular intensive care unit jobs can take a huge emotional toll, which is why shorter travel assignments are ideal. When you work with Clinical One, it’s not implausible to accept assignments as short as 8-weeks and then move onto a different unit once the assignment is complete.

The experience gained from working in other departments and specialties can only enhance your nursing career. Every new nursing assignment you take puts you in contact with people who can teach you something. The skills learned and the mentoring you receive will help further your nursing career.

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