Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Per Diem Tips: How to Become a Preferred Staff Member

When working Per Diem you have the flexibility to set your own schedule and choose where and when you would like to work. Another advantage is that facility and hospital supervisors get to know you and will often request specific staff for their open shifts. Here are a few tips for our candidates to become and remain a preferred staff member so you do not end up on the DNR (Do Not Return) list.

Take pride in your work, skills, knowledge, and reputation.

Do not spend time at work on personal matters.

Be courteous and professional to facility staff and residents.

Do your job and complete your assignments on time and without complaining.

Be well groomed and have a clean wrinkle-free uniform.

Be a good listener.

Be compassionate.

Be dependable and do what is asked of you.

Do not swear or use foul language.

Be effective and manage your time well.

Be a team player.

Arrive on time or 10 to 15 minutes early to the start of your shift especially to a facility you have never been to before.

Always have on your Clinical One name tag.

Do not wear excessive cologne, makeup, or jewelry.

Stay OFF your cell phone while you are working. Make all calls during your break or after your shift.

Comply with the dress code and rules of the facility or hospital.

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