Monday, November 16, 2009

Seven Surefire Ways to Ace Your Phone Interview!

Once you have chosen an assignment for consideration, your Recruitment Specialist, will arrange a telephone interview for you. Today’s market is very competitive! Often times, there are many candidates applying for the same position, so it is critical that you outshine your competition and ace your interview. The following seven suggestions will help you do just that!
1. Research the Position Before the Interview

Talk with your Recruitment Specialist to see if there is a unit description for the position. Research the facility on the Internet. The more educated you are on the position, the more prepared you will be during the interview.

Be sure to ask your Recruitment Specialist about the pay-rate and any other information on bonuses, benefits, etc. before you submit your profile for an interview. You want to make sure that you know the details about the job in advance. That way there will be no un-answered questions after you have landed the interview.

2. Be Prepared for the Phone Call

Always let your Recruitment Specialist know your ideal timeframes for interviewing. This will limit the chances of missing the Manager's phone call and possibly missing out on the position.

Managers may conduct interviews on their own timeframe. You must be prepared for their call at any time of the day. If you are caught at a bad time, ask them to give you a moment so that you may get yourself together. You do not want to interview when you are half asleep, driving, etc. Take a moment to get situated. This will ensure that the interview starts off on the right foot!

3. Adjust Your Attitude

Treat the phone interview just as you would a face-to-face interview. You start to make an impression immediately. So be sure to exude an upbeat image through the sound of your voice. Talk with a smile on your face. This helps portray a positive attitude.

4. Listen

By listening to the Manager, you can get a feeling for their personality, while also obtaining information on the hospital and the unit. This is a good time for you to take notes about the position.

5. Ask Questions

Asking questions during the phone interview demonstrates to the Manager that you have a definite interest in the position. It is also the best way to find out if the job is right for you. If you are unclear on specific questions to ask, consult your Recruitment Specialist. He/She can help you make a list of pertinent questions for you to ask during your telephone interview.

6. Be Confident

Discuss your skills and achievements. Remember, you are interviewing because your profile fits the requirements needed for the position. Now is the time to sell yourself! Share your strengths with the Manager to show them why you should be offered the position over another candidate vying for the same job.

7. Closing

As the interview comes to a close, state your interest in the position. Let your excitement show! Ask about the next step in the process. When will you know if you have gotten the position? Be sure to get the name and the phone number of the interviewing Manager and don't forget to thank them for their time!

After the interview, call your Recruitment Specialist immediately. He/She will follow up with the facility to find out if you have been offered the position. Hopefully our seven interview suggestions will lead to a surefire job offer! Good luck!

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