Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Behavioral Health / Social Worker Careers Tips

Clinical One - Your Code of Ethics Advocate

When searching for social worker employment, people are often more focused on getting the job first and worrying about atmosphere later. Like any other healthcare professional, people taking clinical social worker jobs are bound by a Code of Ethics, but what happens when the social worker is asked to do something that contradicts that Code? If the employee happens to be working through a healthcare recruitment agency like Clinical One, he or she can approach the Clinical One’s quality assurance team for advice and support.

It’s important to note that Clinical One works hard to place healthcare professionals in workplaces that are reputable and that meet the highest standards of clinical care. However, conflicts can arise and for the employee trying to fulfill work commitments (including social worker employment) it’s good to know they have someone to turn to for guidance. At Clinical One, the Director of Quality Assurance is routinely on call for employees and clients. Whether facing confidentiality issues, a personal conflict of interest, or some other activity that could violate a social worker’s Code of Ethics, Clinical One has someone who can advocate on your behalf.

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